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About us

All fun moments are enjoyed in company with yourself or family and friends, whether it is out exploring a city, walking in nature, enjoying parenthood, cooking a dinner or watching a Netflix show. We create our products and prints around these precious moments so you can cherish and remember those in the vicinity of your home after a long day.

Word From Our Founders:

The idea of The Trippie Store came from our ‘curious’ nature. I think there is a reasoning, history, story behind everything, like everything but we don’t always know the meaning and we just succumb to want it because everyone else has it.
A few years ago there was a trend for dreamcatchers and people were putting it up in homes, cars and backpacks around the world, but it was something everyone I knew had but nobody knew why exactly they bought it. There is actually a history behind it that goes way back to 1960s when it was adopted by the Ojibwe people to protect infants and adults by handmaking their webs and charms, and overtime went onto being used as a decoration in the modern world. I think we could educate ourselves more about these, if we spoke about it more. 
When I was looking for prints for styling after renovating our 100 year old home, I couldn't find anything that actually told a story. When a story is told, you build a character around that print and every time you see it, you tend to connect with it a lot more. Because our home has seen and tested the brink of times, I was looking out for something a bit more unique that brought out the character of my home. I spent months looking for prints that convinced me but I couldn't find THE piece or even if I did, they would cost a leg.
This is the moment when the first idea for The Trippie Store came around. We provide stylish bold prints and products with personalised descriptions through storytelling but we also want to be affordable. Really, this solved my own dilemma and hence I know will solve yours. 
If you read all our product descriptions, you will see a story, an emotion or a tale to give you a better understanding of the prints you need. In short, buy the print whose story resonates with you the most and you will never be bored of it. You deserve this!
Want to know more or want to discuss an idea, let's chat at hello@thetrippie.com.

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